Drawing my Life in Colors

Tati Torres Photography

Even on my worst days, I choose coloring. Not that it’s easy, it’s not. It even seems that the shades of gray were made for our difficulties, blend in perfect proportion to the shadows, and illustrate our pain in the right measure. Somehow they guard our sadness and preserve the reality that we create.

I like to draw my life with colors. I grew up with the image that the world is made of colors, believing that it is the role of each color to give life and meaning to everything it touches. The truth is that after a while, I no longer know if it was the life that brought me color, or if it was the colors that colored my life.

Difficulties will always exist. Small and great, they will always try to seek deep inside us the colors that they need. But it’s up to each one of us to determine our own rainbow, and choose the color we want for our lives.