My love, to you

Tati Torres Photography

Father, I was barely born and you were already my spectator. You admired my first movements with eyes full of light, radiating a form of love that I had never before experienced. Your arms, for so many nights, rocked me and gave me the comfort I needed. Your smile warmed my heart and soothed my soul.

Father, I barely took my first steps and you were already my teacher. You taught me to walk in a world of uncertainties, to overcome challenges always believing in the best that we can be. And even on the hardest days, even after making the worst mistakes, you never denied your affection.

Father, I barely reached my first achievements in life and you were already my biggest fan. You believed in my dreams, understood my philosophies, and contemplated my art. Even without knowing, you were a source of inspiration, music for my ideas, words for my story.

From my first day of life I entrusted my love to you, and today I know why. There is absolutely nothing in this world, beyond my purest love, that I can give you to thank for everything you have done, do and will do for me. Father, here is my love, to you.