Let it fly

Tati Torres PhotographyWe wake up every day to a routine we set ourselves. We rise to a false sense of control that we do not have over our own lives. We plan because it is part of our nature. We need somehow to convince ourselves that we can manipulate our destiny, influence our future and satisfy our expectations, the way we want it.

The routine calms us down. It offers us a brief illusion of a future that, unfortunately, we do not control. And we know that. We know that what we have is not real. And then, we protect ourselves from anguish, from deception. We create barriers to our ideologies, restrict our dreams, we do not allow ourselves to try new things. We become prisoners in a world where windows are always open.

Flying high is always risky, and requires giving up the predictability we so badly need. It is a decision that goes beyond our beliefs and desires. It is the narrow boundary between what we would like to be and what we can be. Flying towards the infinite, the unknown. The truth is that the uncontrollable can be wonderful, or not – you will only know if you fly, if you fly high.