how fast you grew up

Tati Torres - How Fast You Grew Up
My rosebud, look how fast you grew up. I remember as if it was yesterday, the day you were born. You came to flower our gardens with your delicacy, your colors, with your timid way of being. You taught us the true meaning of the word love, transformed our souls and completed our lives.

Ah! How I wish you were forever like this … Small, so that I could always hold you in my arms, close to my heart. Fragile, to protect you and defend you. Naive, so that the cruelty of the world would never destroy your joy of being.

But the truth is that if that happened, I would miss the best part of our journey. To see you grow, to bloom, to mature. It breaks my heart to know that one day you will not depend on me anymore, but my eyes fill with joy and pride to see the beautiful rose that you are becoming.