My Work


Tati Torres Photography - My Style

“Make it simple, but significant.”

I don’t believe in a singular style when comes to photography. I prefer to think that I am constantly changing, and my art changes with me. My work is always going to be a reflection of who I am right here, right now, and it will certainly recreate itself as I move forward and experience new things in life.

Right now, this is who I am.

I like it simple, but significant. The white background represents light and how its brightness can sometimes blind us from everything else happening around us, leaving us with no other choice but to focus only on the few things we can actually see.

The blend of three dimensional objects and digital elements is a reflection of the world we currently live in. The constant battle between physical and virtual interactions, the endless effort to make it a sustainable relationship, and the hope that the virtual world will somehow fulfill gaps in our physical lifes.

Just like any other piece of art, my work will always tell a story, my story. I usually put a lot of thinking into everything I do, nothing is a casual coincidence. I am a confessed perfectionist, and I not only want it to look beautiful, but I also need it to mean something.

And, perhaps as an influence or even a consequence of my marketing career, you’ll see lots of carefully crafted images created specifically for social media and online channels. That’s where I feel comfortable exhibiting my work, and that’s where I think my work will fit the best.